How do I turn on a Mac II pwr supply?

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How do I turn on a Mac II pwr supply?

Post by GLRoberts » Mon Jan 07, 2002 1:49 pm

Hello -
I have a known-good MacII power supply (Apple 699-0389, ASTEC AA13780)
that I would like to use to drive some steppers. There should be plenty
of power available (rated +5 @ 18A, +12 @ 2.5A, -12 @ 1A) but I can't
get the power supply to turn on when removed from the Mac.<p>The MOLEX that hooks it to the main logic board is as follows:
5x RED (i.e., 5 red wires)
1 WHITE<p>I'm stumped. What's the secret?<p>Thanks for your help.
- L

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Chris Smith
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Re: How do I turn on a Mac II pwr supply?

Post by Chris Smith » Mon Jan 07, 2002 3:27 pm

Look for a small micro switch on the PS if it unplugs there, or place a small load on the PS and it will sense it and turn on automatically? Place a load on "all" of the voltages at the same time. Light bulbs work fine. If this works, and you dont need a partcular voltage, place a small load acrosss that voltage to keep it on. Resistors or light bulbs will do.

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