Project Ideas???

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Project Ideas???

Post by Spiderman » Thu Jan 03, 2002 9:54 am

Hi,<p>I'm the perverbial newbie to the electronics scene. I've had training, 15 years ago, but am starting over as the robotics bug just bit me hard.<p>Can you tell me where I could find some good projects and/or equipment? I just orderd a basic kit from Kronos Robotics. It doesn't have any logic chips yet tho. <p>I will be surfing for more info, but any help you could give would be great! <p>TIA,<p>Chuck Lewis
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Re: Project Ideas???

Post by Joseph » Fri Jan 04, 2002 11:16 pm

I got my first ideas from things around already in use. Then I decided to try to build something to do the same thing. I started with audio amplifiers. Then, you can go to the library, or now-a-days use the internet to find circuits or projects to build. You can also get experience by obtaining old equipment especially stereos and studying how they work, preferably with the aid of schematic diagrams.

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