Energy problem solved!

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Janitor Tzap
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Re: Energy problem solved!

Post by Janitor Tzap » Fri Mar 06, 2020 10:10 am

It's called "Power Shaming" DacFlyer.

They want him to update those old fluorescent lamps, too LED lamps. :lol:

I've switched out most of the incandescent lamps, and CFL's with LED lamps.
The last incandescent lamps I have are 7 watt night lights (2), and (5)40 watt specialty bulbs in a chandelier.
I have 3 CFL's in the garage.
I hope to replace them soon, with LED lamps too.
My electric has been about 92 dollars a month.
But it can go as high as 200 or more if I have to use AC a lot during the summer.

Signed: Janitor Tzap

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Re: Energy problem solved!

Post by dacflyer » Mon Mar 09, 2020 9:16 am

Jwax >>> I'd have one if i had more wind. not consistent enough here where i am..

Janitor Tzap >>> Very good... the less they get the better.
Highest mine ever is since i got new mini-splits is maybe 125.00 in the summer.
Old window AC units were power hoggs.. my bill would be as high as 175.00
it'll be less soon ...

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