radar jammers

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radar jammers

Post by quinn1122 » Sat May 17, 2003 10:36 pm

i'm looking for schematics for a radar detector and jammer, there are lots of them on the internet but they all want money without
testimonials or refferals. i'd like to get some experienced direction from someone who has knowledge about these devices<p> terry

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Re: radar jammers

Post by gadgeteer » Sat May 17, 2003 11:41 pm

I have a unit from "Rocky Mountain". Actually, I have TWO of them --- ordered a second one 'cause it said it also jams LASER. There's not alot to them, the LASER just adds one resistor and one infra-red emitter. The entire circuit is an 8-pin-Pic chip, which outputs a simple audio tone, one to two KHZ, modulated with a triangle wave. This is outputted either to a pair of microwave diodes (one in a tuned 10ghz cavity X-band, one in a 20ghz cavity K-band). OR a switch diverts the output to a piezo speaker (audio-test/jam-disable). This output is MIXED inside the tuned cavities with the incoming signal, and re-transmitted by reflection.<p>Because RADAR calculates speed by doppler shift of frequency, the returned signal continuously varies in tone (the triangle modulation), preventing the radar unit from calculating the speed...<p>There is also an ACTIVE jammer --- a classmate in college bragged he made them; I said "yeah SURE you do. Can you BRING one?" By golly he DID. Professionally made microwave cavity, it was its own oscillator (just a few extra parts); transmitted only on X band ("K" was new), dyno-labelled for "25mph" and "55mph". He said his girlfriend buzzed a cop at 85 and the disbelieving cop pulled out and PACED her(with her keen eyes she emerged uncaptured).<p>Active jammers are illegal everywhere; it's not worth the jailtime. Passive jammers are illegal in many states (including mine); I do drive with one, when I'm on a rare long-distance-trip; but I try to obey the speed limits. Back in college days speed limit was 55 --- nowadays it's 65, to 75 on the turnpikes. There's no reason to exceed that, the risk of collision is directly proportional to speed. (Translate, LEAVE EARLIER.) BUT --- if I'm TRYIN' to obey the law, where is the harm of having countermeasures against the "Human error factor"? I had my cruise control set on the speed limit once, but was coasting down a steep hill (daydreaming). Detector beeped once --- speedometer was nearly 85. I immediately tapped the brakes back to 75, then switched off both jammer & detector; in less than a mile, passed a smokey opposite-bound. Saved my hide...<p>You should be able to "design" and build one easily. Buy an "X/K" radar detector from a pawn shop, and remove the whole detector circuit, keeping the horn and cavities (with diodes). If you want and twist my arm, I'll hook up a 'scope and give you the specifics on the signal reaching the cavity. Should be very easy to duplicate. You will only be jammed in the ½-3 mile range (maybe ¼); once the radar gets closer it will be able to lock on anyway. By THAT time you will have adjusted your speed, and switched OFF your detector AND your jammer...

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Re: radar jammers

Post by myp71 » Wed May 21, 2003 9:42 pm

This might not help.I belive that I saw a newspaper ad that sold jammers on this one said that it was illegal to transmit the jammers on k band so this one transmitted on a different band do not know how they did it but it said that it will jam all bands.<p>hoped this helped
Ryan<p>[ May 21, 2003: Message edited by: my p71 ]</p>

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