Desktop Contemplator (N&V 2012) - any new patterns?

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Desktop Contemplator (N&V 2012) - any new patterns?

Post by ssmolkin » Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:21 pm

I just built the Desktop Contemplator project described in a 2012 Nuts and Volts article. Very nice.

Has anyone written sketch code they'd be willing to share to create new patterns (in addition to the original 18 provided by the author)?

Also, if anyone is interested, I found a nice ready made enclosure, which I'll describe below.

What I used is a grey shadow box picture frame (photo attached) sold at JoAnn fabric stores (a national chain). The size of the opening is about 3.5 by 5.5 inches and the depth is about an inch. I paid around eight dollars for it.

The back of the frame is sturdy cardboard and has a built-in easel stand. It works in both portrait and landscape modes. The frame is also wide enough that you can simply stand it on one edge.

Mounting the electronics was a simple as drilling four screws in the cardboard back and screwing the Arduino board to it. I didn't have to drill a hole for the power wire, because there is enough gap in the cardboard/frame space to simply run the power adapter wire through this space.

The back is held to the frame by a single sliding clip. So, when I need to install new software, it is a simple matter to temporarily push open the back a bit to attach the USB cable to the Arduino.

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