Odd Plug

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Odd Plug

Post by Lenp » Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:08 pm

I am looking for a source of 2.5mm stereo (3 conductor) plugs.
These have a longer than usual metal plug part. The connection end needs to be about 14mm from tip to body and the 'standard' plug is about 11mm These are to fit the Motorola Talk About GMRS/FRS (and similar) radio Mic/Speaker connector.
They burried the jack behind the shell and a standard plug doesn't go in far enough.
I've tried modifying a standard plug but it fell apart before I could trim back enough.
I could open the hole in the case but for warranty purposes really prefer not to do that.
Any clues towards a molded cable, bare plug...Anything considered!


EDIT: I believe this is referred to as an M26 plug

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