Off topic but someone might just have an idea!

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Off topic but someone might just have an idea!

Post by Lenp » Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:18 pm

OK smart guys...
I am looking for a 'breathing' tape, like medical Micropore tape, but is produced with a liner, not just wound on a core like plastic tape.
The reason this is needed is that the tape has to be kiss cut into dots, about .25" diameter. (kiss cut means the tape is cut not the liner, like die-cut labels)
I am really looking for an off the shelf product since a custom item from people like Donaldson and Gore, which make adhesive 'vent' products is WAY out of the budget. I can get a die made to to the cutting if I can find the tape.
If anyone can suggest a product that is a small dot, adhesive and breathes or vents, please pass it along.
Thanks gang!

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