Tube equipment

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Tube equipment

Post by Joseph »

My broinlaw said he has some tube equipment to find a new home for from the passing of an old-timer he knew. He mentioned a special counter device and an oscilloscope with a round 8" screen. We live in SW OH. It is by the Ohio river and I can try to get you directly in touch with him.
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Re: Tube equipment

Post by abashedshrill »

After the demise of a seasoned worker in the industry that he knew, my brother-in-law mentioned that he had some tube equipment that was looking for a new home after the person who it belonged to passed away. He asked for a one-of-a-kind counter in addition to an oscilloscope that had a spherical screen that was 8 inches in diameter. Our residence is located in the southwestern region of the state of Ohio. It is located in close proximity to the Ohio River, and I will do all in my power to bring you in touch with him as quickly as humanly possibleplay tic tac toe.
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