Article: Enhance Your Debugging Tool Suite 3/2008

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Article: Enhance Your Debugging Tool Suite 3/2008

Post by K1633 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:30 pm

This article was just released in the 3/08 issue. Given the necessarily limited space in the magizine for dialog and examples, I thought it best to provide a response to anyone who might have questions or suggestions in this forum.

First, the C and assembly code routines turn out to be a bit more cryptic in print that I expected. I will attempt to post additional versions here along with enhanced explanations.

Second, I was only able to offer 2 examples of Manchester code leaking in the article. But there are many ways to use this technique to expose internal microcontroller or system information. I plan to provide more here if there is interest.

Third, if you have not investigated the family of low cost logic analyzers available, you are truly missing out. There was a time when logic analysis was the sole domain of Tek, HP and the like. Their hardware was flexible, monstrous, and very expensive. You can still find surplus hardware on eBay at more modest prices, but buyer-be-ware on pods, modules, firmware & software provided or available.
Saleae pioneered some elegant low cost FPGA based 8 & 16 channel analyzers that were rapidly cloned. Wisely they moved up the food chain with better and slightly more expensive hardware that is not so clonable. I commend them for keeping their software compatible with their older analyzers and the clones.

Fourth, I have worked mainly with PIC chips, and recently some older Z86XX devices. I am interested in anyone using this technique with other micros.

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