Brave Browser - July Nuts & Volts

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Brave Browser - July Nuts & Volts

Post by fine-tune » Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:12 am

There are countless blogs and forums asking "what's your favorite browser?"

I'd like to magically replace all ten billion replies with my own. The answer is "well, maybe,
sort of, I guess, I think," and on and on into oblivion.

I use K-Meleon most of the time. It does load web pages faster than Internet Explorer, Opera,
Google Chrome, etc. However, there is one major drawback. K-Meleon frequently fails to render
web pages properly. Even the latest version has problems.

It's a good idea to have at least three browsers ready to launch. If there is a problem you can
quickly switch to another.

The article on page 7 (July editon) of Nuts and Volts is about Brave Browser. It automatically
blocks everything that causes a website to load slowly. K-Meleon has a great toolbar where you
can selectively block JavaScript, Flash, Images, Cookies, Popups, etc. Can you see the problem?
Blocking all this crap is fine, but many very legitimate sites will not function until you "unblock"
almost everything.

I might try Brave Browser because I like to see web pages loading fast. It's kind of fun! What do
you think? Is the concept behind Brave Browser any different from all the other popular browsers?

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