March 2013 DHT22 Temp RH project question

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March 2013 DHT22 Temp RH project question

Post by dawgpile » Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:48 am

Hello, I have successfully installed GCB on my XP computer which also has MPLAB installed. I can successfully compile the DHT22.gcb file with no errors. I Import that file into MPLAB and use PICkit2 as a programmer. When I program the 16F88 I get no response. Before I dig out a scope and logic analyzer to see what's going on with the hardware I want to verify my software. I have other programmers to choose from(ICD2, PICStart Plus, JDM Serial) but since the PICKit2 works fine as stated below, I don't suspect programmer problems.

I have eliminated hardware as a problem by writing a C program for the same hardware platform and it compiles, downloads and runs fine on the hardware using CCS C compiler, MPLAB and the PICkit2 as above. The hardware is so simple, it's pretty idiot proof(I hope I don't have to eat those words!!! :grin: ) LCD reports temp and humidity just fine! I have it breadboarded exactly as in the article...2 line LCD, 16F88 running at 20Mhz and using the DHT22 wired exactly as shown.

Here is my question. For those of you who may have tinkered with this project, I'm looking for a Checksum when the compiled.hex file is imported into your programmer of choice. For giggles and grins, I import the same file into the PICkit2 programmer app and get the same Checksum as when I import into MPLAB. That checksum is 9000 hex in both cases. What is your checksum?

I think I'll use the Logic Analyzer tool of the PICKit2 to look at the sensor data line to see if any activity is going on there. The LCD remains blank.

Thanks in advance for any insights! I'm doing this as a matter principal now! I have lots of experience with CCS C but want to be successful with the GCB solution!

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