Communications spectrum analyzer with all bells and whistles

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Communications spectrum analyzer with all bells and whistles

Post by Externet » Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:15 am

Hi all.
Have this high end piece of equipment for sale:
My Motorola R-2600 communications system analyzer; does a buunch of things:
Spectrum, modulation scope, signal generator, duplex, modulation display, sweep, bar graphs, oscilloscope, tracking, AM-FM, speaker, 0.4MHz to 1000MHz, and more...

Picture taken today, showing spectrum mode, tuned at FM broadcast band : ... 15427d.jpg

Similar data:

At Ebay: ... CE+MONITOR


Or: ... R2600B.php

----> Any reasonable offer that makes you happy and makes me happy will work.
The unit has calibration seals on it; it is not refurbished nor repaired oscure origin. Just works as supposed to.
The front panel hit in field transport has a minor cosmetic crack on top. Some keypads stick sometimes, but I do not want to open it for cleaning them as would break the seals.
The manual is on a disc.

- Abolish the deciBel ! -

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