OKI cell scanner???

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OKI cell scanner???

Post by delphi_dawg » Sat Jun 15, 2002 7:58 am

Hi all,<p>Someone with an OKI cell phone please try this, and see if it really works???<p>Most recent model Oki brand cellular phones have an undocumented
feature that you can amuse yourselves with. If you enter the proper
commands, your phone will work like a scanner and you can listen to
the conversations of others.<p>-Press keys 7 and 9 simultaneously.
-Press menu, send, end, rcl, sto, clr sequentially
-Press keys 1 and 3 simultaneously<p>You should now be in a special test menu.<p>If you have a portable you must either:
-press #, 7, 6, snd
-press #, 7, 7, snd<p> (one command routes output audio to the earpiece, the other command
routes the ouput audio to the ringer, which is louder)<p>-Press #, 7, 9, snd
(this command lets you enter certain subsequent commands
with one keystroke)<p>-Press 2 (this command unmutes the receive audio)<p>-Press 9,0,3,6,0,0,8,0,0,0,2,snd<p>Your phone should now be scanning between channel 0360 and channel 0800,
the last two digits (02) represent the scan speed (01 is faster 03 is
slower etc). Pressing # stops the scan, pressing # again resumes the scan.
To scan with new parameters press clr and repeat the last step.<p>If you're only interested in on specific channel, say channel 100, press
9,0,1,0,0,snd<p>The real fun however, is flipping the carrier on and bumping the person
on the land-line end of the conversation off the cell, and telling the
mobile phone user to please deposit 25 cents or pretending to be at the
location where the land line user is and improvising from there.<p>
After you have executed the #,7,9,snd command, simply pressing
the 1 key will turn the carrier on. Pressing 1 again will turn
the carrier off. In my post I said you could cut the land-line
party out of the conversation, I got this backwards, if your
signal is stronger than the mobile user, you will be connected
to the person on the land-line end of the conversation. This is
easy to do because, by default, the phone operates at the highest
power level in test mode, whereas in actual use the cell tells
the phone at which of 8 possible power levels to transmit at.<p>Even if you are successful at blocking the signal of the mobile
user, there are a couple of things you need to do in order for
the person on the land line end to hear your voice. In order to
be able to reuse frequencies more often, many radio systems use
'tone-coding' to distiguish between different sets of users who
share the same frequency. In cellular systems adjacent cells don't
use the same channels, but every 2nd of 3rd cell might resuse the
same channels. In order for cells to be able to determine that a
signal originated within the cell rather that from a nearby cell,
cellular transmissions are coded with one of 3 possible background
tones. Each cell recognizes one of the 3 tones, it is a matter of
trial and error to determine which one. Pressing 6 followed by
0,1,2 or 3 as an argument sets the tone to be used during
transmission (I forget whether 0 or 3 means tone off).
In order for the other person to hear you, you must also press the
3 key, this unmutes the transmit audio, pressing 3 again remutes it.<p>It is not possible to get two cell phones to talk directly to each
other. This is because cell-phone conversations are duplexed, phones are
simulataneously transmitting and recieving on different frequencies.
This means that cell-phone transmit freq = cell recieve freq and
cell-phone recieve freq = cell transmit freq.

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Re: OKI cell scanner???

Post by dacflyer » Sat Jun 15, 2002 9:04 pm

wow, kewl.. and i thought i had too much time on my hands,,lol sounds neatto ! :eek:

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