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free parts wanted

Post by amplexus » Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:19 pm

Do you need to clean out the basement, wife bitching about all your junk? Here is your chance to find it a good home. My name is Ender Stewart, I'm fifteen and starting to teach myself the hardware end of things. I have been coding in c since I was 9 amd audited the MIT freshman physics class a couple of years ago. I desperately need a good junkbox and test equipment also board prototyping stuff, both through hole or smt. My father has stage 4 cancer and between the chemo and medical bills plus the economy melting down there is little left over for electronic stuff. I am currently building a cnc router with scrounged parts. My other interest is audio and guitar effects and custom 1950's pickup reproductions. I am starting work on a magnitizer to do un-magnetized alnico 3 and ceramic magnets. I need a u shaped coil around silicon steel or soft iron, with or without a capacitor bank. 500 joules should be good
I will welcome any components or test equipment anyone is willing to donate,
send to po box 857 or 1310 n. gregory rd Fowlerville Mi 48836.

Thanks in advance for anything you send
Amplexus (Ender)

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