Freeby- well almost!

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Freeby- well almost!

Post by bodgy » Sat Feb 28, 2009 10:39 pm

I have gathering dust - a complete set of Borland Turbo Pascal for
Windows, reference and user books.

These date back to Win3.11 (Wot's that then) /W95 and are free to
anyone who may just want the set. Postage would need to be at cost -
the set is heavy.


Users Guide
Programmers guide
Windows Ref - 3.11 & W95
Windows programming
Turbo Debugger guide
Resource workshop
Help Compiler

No software available - all on 3.5" floppy thingies and have sulked in
the Australian heat!

The C++ and books have been purchased.
Also available the above set but for Borland C++ 4.5 which does
include the installation CD and the resource CD.

I suddenly failed to remember how to install this CD, but can tell you
that on the beta version of W7, the debugger loads, sysinspector
works, the Visio demo works and the Walker works - the commandline C++
compiler loads, couldn't remember what the IDE was called (suspect
BWC32.exe) I think all the DLL's might need to be installed in the
system32 directory, didn't try this as it would interfere with the
beta install of W7. People brainier than I may get it to work in XP or
Vista, seeing as how it works (sort of) in W7.

Again free, but for postage costs if anyone is interested. The
resource CD has all the library code for standard 'c' and c++ files.

Seems a shame to just throw the books out.

Links to pictures of the manuals. ... 0328724689 ... 0328723655

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