Shielding Generator

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Shielding Generator

Post by bdickens » Mon Feb 05, 2007 7:04 am

Some interesting ideas. I found that the culprit was more the wires than the generator itself. So I both rerouted them, cut them very short and then twisted them and the issue seems to have gone away. The motor also has a stainless steel cover now, just in case.

I have both optical encoding as well as the compass. I wanted to make sure I knew direction and speed, so both have a backup. I am measuring speed from both the seperate turbine and the generator blade (with some corrections built into both)

Thanks again. I do learn quite a bit from the discussions. At this stage I have everything working except the upload and the watertight packaging. But it's also still from an oopic which will be the last thing replaced. That article in the current issue on weather station was a huge help.

Anyway, thanks to all.

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