Crucial DDR RAM

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Crucial DDR RAM

Post by keithbev » Mon Oct 14, 2002 3:56 pm

I am looking to upgrade my memory using DDR RAM. I used PNY in the past and the RAM just sucked. It went bad and i couldnt take it back because it just passed the warranty. Is Crucial a good brand to trust?<p>I'm looking at a 512 stick
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Re: Crucial DDR RAM

Post by keymaker » Mon Oct 14, 2002 4:00 pm

Crucial is good!

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Re: Crucial DDR RAM

Post by bizzybody » Sat Nov 02, 2002 12:37 am

Your motherboard must have DDR DIMM sockets. They're longer than the 168 pin SDRAM DIMM sockets. If your board has both types of socket, you cannot use both types at the same time.

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Re: Crucial DDR RAM

Post by JdOwNj » Sat Nov 02, 2002 5:39 pm

Crucial is the best!

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Re: Crucial DDR RAM

Post by kmagers » Sat Nov 09, 2002 9:27 pm

pny is suppost to have lifetime warranty but
life time actually means only as long as they
make it after that they might send you what ever
there acounting department thinks it worth
i just found this out i had some ast acentia j
memory go bad what a headache never again anyone
know the pinouts of goldstar ram chips

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