Recommendations for SMD work

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Recommendations for SMD work

Post by alby » Thu Aug 04, 2005 5:30 am

Although I have done some SMD soldering, this has been only minor devices on a board with the majority of the components being DIP or similar. I would like to purchase a station for SMD work, mostly for hobbist projects.<p>After checking all the different websites, and reading as much as I could about different options I just can't decide what would be a good option.<p>I have budgeted a max of about $500 for a station that would allow me to solder/desolder SMD components. Is this realistic?<p>For those of you with this type of equipment, do you care to share your experiences and recommendations?<p>Thanks,<p>Al

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Re: Recommendations for SMD work

Post by Rubi » Thu Aug 04, 2005 6:53 am

Dear Alby<p>I work mainly with smd and don't think you will need that much money for a good station.
I bought a AOYUE-968 rework station for 160$ on ebay.
This is a really great station used by handy repair shops among the whole world.<p>Cheers

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Re: Recommendations for SMD work

Post by philba » Thu Aug 04, 2005 9:55 am

I agree with michael - $500 is way more than you need to spend. I really like my Hakko 936. I recently got a Sunko 850A hot air station from sparkfun. It works ok but I use my Hakko a lot more. I don't even use the smallest tip with it. I spent 90 USD on the hakko and 120 USD on the sunko from sparkfun (though they seem not to carry this one anymore). I'm pretty sure I could get them cheaper if I worked at it.<p>I'd focus on getting a good soldering station first (if you don't have one already). After that, get a decent hot air station. You can get combined units like this one. or a seperate hot air station like this one. A hot air station is more for desoldering but can be used with solderpaste for reflowing.<p>Check out (tools section) for some better prices on hot air stations. Ebay can be a good source but watch the costs - especially shipping.<p>I am still thinking of building a reflow oven controller but reflow ovens aren't as great as one would think. The sparkfun guys have had good results with a cheap electric skillet!!! They also have negative things to say about reflow overns (even professional ones). <p>Phil<p>edit: fixed url<p>[ August 04, 2005: Message edited by: philba ]</p>

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