Peanut Butter Monster Detector... Kit Poll

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Should the Peanut Butter Monster Detector be available as a Kit?

Yes- I'd rather buy all the parts in one shot
No- I can get the parts to make it myself
Total votes: 14

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Peanut Butter Monster Detector... Kit Poll

Post by VernGraner » Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:23 am

Some of you may have already gotten your October issues of Nuts and Volts and had a quick look at the Peanut Butter Monster Detector project.

Unlike the last project I presented (the Talking Skull Kit) there is no ready-to-go kit to accompany this article.

I've been talking with the folks at the Nuts and Volts store with the idea of putting together the "Monster Guts" kit-- a kit of all the parts (except the container) for folks to make their own Peanut Butter Monster Detector.

One of the main reasons we're looking at doing this is that the Parallax BS1-OEM board used in the project has been discontinued! (arg!) :( This makes it a bit tougher to build from the design presented in the article.

However, the good new is there is a new (and less expensive) BS1 Project board that can substitute for not only the BS1-OEM board, but can also act as a base allowing you to skip the Radio Shack perf board shown in the article.

Of course, kitting a project like this is a pretty big task and I don't know if there would be that much interest in having all the parts in one place as opposed to simply sourcing them from a combination of junk box and vendors.

So, if you get a chance, please vote in the poll above and/or drop your $0.02 on this thread. Thank You! :)
Vern Graner

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