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Ultrasonic proximity detection - distance measure

Posted: Sun Dec 26, 2010 8:45 am
by geewizz
I am wondering if I can easily get a USPD to calculate measurement of discrete objects from a single source within 10 yds. Imagine S is the static source (transponder) and OA and OB are two variable location objects. I need to know if either of these two scenarios, or both, would be possible using USPD:

1) Calculate the distance of OA or OB to the source S, at any given time, in inches or cm, and display the distance on OA or OB? (There could be a readout panel on the objects to display the results)

2) Determine which is closer to S, OA or OB? (different colored lights on the objects would denote proximity succession)

If neither, what would be my best recourse?

Thank you in advance,