hot wire anemometer

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hot wire anemometer

Post by g.y.gill » Tue Nov 02, 2010 1:10 pm

In a recent issue there was a link to a hot wire anemometer schematic. We have just moved and I cannot locate that issue. Possibly still in a box somewhere. Could anyone come up with that link for me. It would be very much appreciated. I am sure it was in the Q&A section moderated by Russell Kincaid. I have all the parts in place and want to start measuring the wind speeds in NM! Thanks very much for your assistance. Regards, Geof

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Re: hot wire anemometer

Post by dobrien » Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:01 pm

Doing a search of the Nuts and Volts Web site.
I found these.

Nuts and Volts - August 2010 - Departments (Page 79)
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...Corp LT1013/LT1014 op-amp datasheet for a hot wire anemometer. It uses a small incandescent lamp with the glass envelope removed as the hot wire. The link

2) Nuts and Volts - November 2009 - Departments (Page 80)
Terms Matched: 3 Matches: 5

...The easiest way to solve this is probably with a hot-wire anemometer. A mass flow sensor in a modern vehicle uses the...

3) Nuts & Volts - February 2006 - Projects and Features (Page 40)
Terms Matched: 2 Matches: 9 make a workable front end for a thermal anemometer. A thermal anemometer is a wind measuring instrument based on a heated element, such as a heated wire. The underlying principle of operation is that the resistance of the wire changes as heat is removed by the air flowing over the wire. While most thermal anemometers end up as relatively complex circuits such as...

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