Project For School: GPS Robot Help

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Project For School: GPS Robot Help

Post by AceTactic » Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:02 pm

Hi, im doing a project for my school and i decided to build a robot controlled by a Garmin eTrex Vista. it isn't going to be as complicated as you might think you see this is my first major science project and i wanted to go a little more advanced then the usual things people go with. Im in Junior year of high school and everybody is really exited about the project. I have everything done i have the robot assembled, the chassis is ready and the servos and everything is connected to the board. The thing is im a complete noob at this coding thing; sure i can code the basics but when it comes to something like coding the GPS coordinate that is way over my head. This is my set up

PCB Board
-Parallax Basic Stamp 2 Module
-2 Continuous Rotational servos for steering
-Basic Ping Sensor attached to a 180 degree rotational servo (for basic object avoidance)
-Powering it is a 9v and 6v battery pack.

You see i have the code from someone else who has done this, i found it while reading a robotics magazine but he was using relays instead of the servos i have and i don't understand how to translate the code for the relays to the servos. I have the code here PLEASE help if you can, please teach me how to change this code to fit my setup i have tried everything and i really want to do this. Really appreciate your help. Here's the code... ...

you can open it pretty much with any text editor (textedit, notepad, etc.) as well as using the BS2 program.

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Re: Project For School: GPS Robot Help

Post by VernGraner » Tue Jun 08, 2010 4:51 pm

AceTactic wrote:Really appreciate your help. Here's the code... ...
Seems the link to the code was damaged.. :sad: Can you retry posting it?

Vern Graner

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