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Getting more accuracy from the Talking Skull Kit

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 11:59 am
by VernGraner
Hey folks!

I found a couple of videos by "Push Eject" from the that show how to make some VERY accurate soundtracks for the Talking Skull Kit.

In the video, "Push Eject" shows how you can mix a 12khz audio signal (that the Talking Skull board reacts to) with the "regular" audio track. As most low-end speaker systems can't produce much above 10khz, the "trigger' signal is effectively silent and only "seen" by the Talking Skull board. A very slick trick and one I thought worthy of a post. Here's the video:

Controlling Servos with a high frequency tone

The first example (above) uses a proprietary audio program, so he made a second video using Audacity as his audio editor to show people how to do this with free software as well:

Controlling Servos with HF tone using Audacity

Enjoy! :smile: