Get a Job! (sha na na na, sha na na na na!) :)

If you're seeking a new job in the tech field, or if you have (or know of) a job opening for a tech peson, this is the place to connect.
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Get a Job! (sha na na na, sha na na na na!) :)

Post by VernGraner » Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:18 am

All kidding aside, this forum was created in response to a few emails we received asking if there was a place on our forums where employers who have job openings, or folks looking for a job, could post and/or exchange information. Relevant posts about full time positions, part time positions, contract work and the like are all welcome here. :smile:

Of course, a few simple "Dos" and "Don'ts" before we begin:

  • Post your availability -Its fine to post something like "Hey I have <x> experience and I live in <x> and I am looking for a new full time/part time gig"
    Post job openings - If you are looking for an experienced tech to fill a position, its ok to post the basic job description and invite folks to contact you
    Post your project-based job opportunities -Its fine to ask for someone to build something for you, or to look for people that might be willing to build or design a tech device or program for pay.
  • Post your entire resume -Its best to just put up a few details and ask for a PM.
    Post "work from home, make $$ scams! - This is a place for real employers to find real tech folks (and vice/versa). Get Rich Quick, MLMs and other non professional stuff will get deleted.
    Post your personal info -Keep your full name, address and phone number out of your posts - this is for your sake! We don't want someone harvesting info from here to spam or scam you.
If you have any questions, send a PM to me or Michael Kaudze before you post.

Please remember that we're monitoring these forums closely and we may, at the discretion of the board mods and/or based on complaints, take down any posting here if we feel it is not in the spirit of this board. Hopefully we can all figure out what this is for and use it wisely. Good Hunting! :smile:

DISCLAIMER: All postings are submitted by their respective forum members and are intended to promote employment of a technical nature. The T&L Publications "Job Forum" acts as a free-of-charge, good faith communication forum for job postings and makes no recommendations regarding potential employers or employees. T&L Publications is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or any other aspect of private employment or contract work. All hiring, scheduling, and compensation for job postings are handled directly between the forum members. T&L Publications does not perform background checks on members applying for jobs, and we do not research the integrity of each organization or individual person who lists a job on these forums. Forum members are urged to perform due diligence when offering, applying for, or accepting private employment by requesting from each other references or any additional information needed to establish qualifications and credentials so as to ensure an overall fit between employer and applicant. Always use common sense and good judgement!

Vern Graner

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