If you're searching for some elusive part, a long-lost schematic, advice on new or vintage equipment repair or other hard to find electronic information, please post your request here. Of course, if you know answers to these questions, please share your wisdom!
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Post by VernGraner » Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:08 am

I imagine its happened to all of us at one time or another.. we need a part, but cant find the part number in any catalog or online search.. or maybe we need a schematic for something (or vice versa).. sometimes we just need advice on an older device from an old hand. Sometimes, we're looking for a piece to complete a collection or maybe we just want to find out how something we have works (or used to!).

Its been said that "together, we know everything". I think in many ways this is true - especially in the electronics field. Our collective experience in every aspect of electronics adds up to decades (maybe even centuries!) of cumulative knowledge, experience and hard won wisdom. The missing piece is a connection that hooks us all together. This is that place.

So, have a question? Need advice? Want to find something? Need to fix something? Need help troubleshooting? This is the right place to talk about!
Vern Graner

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