C Compiler for PIC's

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C Compiler for PIC's

Post by bodgy » Fri Jan 11, 2008 4:17 am

OK, I hate throwing stuff out that still has use , but I've moved on from.

I have 1 each of FORED Pic C Compiler

Version 1.05 (2000 only does Pic 16F)
Version 7.00 (2001 - this one might do 18F as well, I can't recall)
Version 10.0 Pro (2003 - does do 16 and 18F)
Version 11.0 (2004)
Version 12.0 (2006)

Versions 1,7 and 10 include the rapid development environment.

These are all the full versions, I upgrade each year. The current version is 14.0

I am offering these for AU$15.60 each that includes airmail to the US.

Obviously there are only 5 CD's so only 5 people would be able to purchase. You would not be eligible for either the upgrade or support contracts that FORED offer - you'd need to buy the current product for U$100 to get that. This is the same compiler I used to compile the 2 N& V projects.

A link to the compiler website. Bear in mind that v14 does have some extras that aren't in the older versions.

I like PayPal - before any one asks :grin:

On a clear disk you can seek forever.

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