How to Get Started with Arduino in 1 Day or Less

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How to Get Started with Arduino in 1 Day or Less

Post by spackler » Wed May 09, 2018 12:52 pm

I'm an independent author and have recently written a low cost eBook I think some members and N&V/Servo readers may find useful. It's called How to Get Started with Arduino in 1 Day or Less and is for those new to Arduino or those interested in getting started. It also makes a great gift for the aspiring maker in your life. You can instantly download a copy here:
Brian Jenkins

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Re: How to Get Started with Arduino in 1 Day or Less

Post by dacflyer » Fri May 18, 2018 9:30 am

hi there, a question about your book,,
i am big into building clocks, and i have been having a friend do the programming for me, but i am trying not to wear out my welcome with him. he has been really great at helping me get GPS clocks going.
i do all the construction and wiring, and just tell him my connections and wants.

i am curious to know if your book can help me.

the clocks i build could use the same programming, but at times i need to change things so that i can use different displays. like i might want to go from a adafruit display to an array of
displays that use up to 6 of the 6B595 display drivers..
i have a clock i built eons ago, 216 leds and nothing but 4017 counters. the clock turned out great, and no issues, unless you happen to get some interference like a CFL that gets too close.. then the clock goes into warp I want to replace the 4017 counters with an arduino, make the clock GPS accurate also.
i just have to figure out what to use between the leds and the Arduino.. was thinking the MAX7219 led driver. or can you recommend something better ?
there is 60 leds for the seconds ( outter ring ) 120 leds for the min. (2 rows middle ring )
and 3 leds each for the 12 hour segments.
This is just some of the ideas i'd like to conquer.

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