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Extensive cleanout 80-90s computer hardware & semi databooks

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:20 pm
by Acarolinensis
Need to clear out several roomfuls of old 1980s and '90s computer gear from career. And boxes of semiconductor IC and component manuals of the era. Also extensive collection of computer magazines from then. Shipping on my part would be problematic — best solution would be backing your truck up to house. Primary aim is finding good home(s), price is negotiable. Mainly do not want stuff sold for scrap or going into landfill. This would be a great haul for maker space with retro tendencies. Otherwise I can make separate posts of items by category. Located in South Florida about 40 miles from West Palm Beach on 4-lane roads. This looks to be a long term project so I can coordinate with you if you are driving from a long distance.