LED modules

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LED modules

Post by dacflyer » Thu Sep 25, 2014 5:58 am

i have a bunch of led modules i salvaged from Pedestrian cross walks signals
they are a plethora of white leds and red (neon red ) leds a mixed combo of the hand and man sign and i also have a few of the count down sections...the count down section's PS is usually failed, but if you know what your doing. you can repurpose them for other things, i am still working on building me a huge GPS based clock..should be done soon. i have a friend helping me with the coding.

i also have 2 hand / man led modules that are smaller and brand new..

let me know if you have interest, and we can haggle on them, or if you'd like to see pictures of them.
i also have good regular 12" R,Y,G modules

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