Meitner power supplies

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Meitner power supplies

Post by yusha » Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:28 pm

I have for sale Meitner PP300 power supples.These were made for the Museatex for their CD player.The PP300 power supply houses three separate power supplies - the
floating charge power supply for the analogue section, the digital and
drive power supply and the DAC power supply. The PP300 provides two
output cables. The analog output cable is the smaller of the two with 7
conductors and terminated with a round DIN connector. The digital and
control supply is a 24 conductor, multi-core cable and terminated with a
24 pin computer type connector.THey are excellent condition.I don't think they have been used.
I suppose more info could be googled.I am in Canada.Any one interested?100.00
or offers?

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