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PIC parts and demo boards

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:46 pm
by Chupa
I have the following PIC parts up for grabs. I moved to AVRs and just don't use PICs much anymore! Please PM me if your interested, or post general questions in this thread!

Shipping will be $5 flat, as long as I can fit it all in a USPS flat rate small box.

Olimex PIC-WEB dev board. $30
Played around with it a bit. I have soldered 2 leads to barrel pin pads to allow me to use gator clips to use a bench supply. Doesn't effect the operation of the device at all.

Olimex PIC-MCP-USB programmer $60
has a ZIF as well as a ICSP header with ICSP jumper cable. Works fine. Compatible with MPLAB. Its a PICSTART+ clone.

Microchip PICDEM HPC Explorer Board with PIC18F8722 $35
I have the main board and the TQFP expansion "surf board" unpopulated, and the little "proto board" unpopulated. J11 and J5 are populated with male headers and J3 is populated with female headers.

AVR Butterfly ... ol_id=3146 $10
This is the dev kit that Joe Pardue (Smiley) uses in his book, and some past N&V Smileys workshop articles. All the headers are populated with male pins.

Microchip PICDEM Touch Sense 1 kit $40
Just the board and the USB cable. I do not have the serial analyzer.

Re: PIC parts and demo boards

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:57 pm
by Chupa
PIC16 parts

16F88 DIP - 5 - $2 ea
16F877A DIP - 2 - $3 ea
16F628A DIP - 2 - $1 ea
16F872 SOIC - 7- $2 ea


18LF4550 DIP for USB!- 3 - $3 ea
18LF2550 DIP for USB!- 3 - $3 ea
18F67J60 TQFP - 2 - $3 ea


30F2020 DIP - 3 - $3 ea