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Post by RiJoRi » Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:59 am

When the company I work for moved, I got to raid the dumpster. I have a number of EPROMs from various manufacturers. Most of them are UV-erasable, and most of them have been programmed.

The price is roughly 1/2 of what Jameco charges as of this morning, and does NOT include shipping nor handling (packaging).

I will correct the inventory count as needed, and I am open to reasonable offers.


Here is what I am trying to get rid of:

Code: Select all

Qty	Type			Price
 31	2716			$3.00
360	2732			$3.00
 52	27C64		$2.00
 14	27C64*		$2.00
 39	27C128		$3.00
394	27C256		$1.50
312	27C512		$2.00
128	27C010**		$3.00
 44	27C020**		$3.00
 24	27C020-OTP**	$3.00
 41	29C040**		$5.00

*Nat'l Semi -- had a different programming voltage.		
** Mfr's numbers can be 27C0#0  or 27C#001		

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