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Futaba and IEEinc VFD Displays

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:47 pm
by bodgy
Reluctantly I have the following VFD's for sale.

2 * Futaba M202SD08G 2 line 20 character. AU$20 each

One I've attached an oscillator to, (dead bug style) and is ready for
serial comms, the other is untouched and is ready for parallel comms
(buy an oscillator and two SMD caps and it can become serial like the one

I should have the data sheet somewhere for this in PDF format - I do
have skeleton code in 'c' for the serial version.

I also have 2 ginormous IEE VFD displays. I think the part number is

These are a 2 * 20 display, measuring 7.75" long x 2.58" wide x 2.54cm

The beauty of these are that they accept HD44780 LCD protocols as well as a weird
Motorola protocol.

Both types of display are a nice blue green, and can be easily seen
across a dark room - think vending machines.

I do have the datasheet for these.

Looking for AU$30.00 each

Freight and packing extra.


Re: Futaba and IEEinc VFD Displays

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:57 am
by bodgy
For those that might like to see images of the items I have for sale here are the ebay links.

pic 16F876 20MHz
Renesas 3664F
Futuba VFD

If there are no bids showing and you want any of these , email me or PM me privately and I will withdraw the item from Ebay.