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FS: FPGA Course Module from Elektor

Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 1:03 am
by bodgy
Never used!

The only assembly required are the edge connectors for the FPGA module
and LCD to fit onto the baseboard.

It consists of two parts - the main peripheral module board -

TV, Audio, PS/2, Keyboard, USB, Ethernet, connections, and the

FPGA board which is an Altera Cyclone 12,060 elements, 4MB config ram,
8MB SRAM and 1MB flash ram, onboard 50MHz clock.

There is also the courseware CD included. If you look on the Elektor
site the kit is part # 040477-91 + 050370-91 ... ctCategory

I paid AU$626.00

I'm looking for sensible offers around AU$400 approx GBP 175.00 or US$255.88,
NZ$490 approx, plus postage to your part of the world.

Email or PM me if interested or have questions.

I also have a unused Xilinx CPLD board - open to offers!