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PCB, SS Copper over FG, 1/32 thick

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:18 pm
by Bob Scott
I have several 3' X 4' sheets of bare single sided copper over fiberglass circuit board. I think it weighs about 165 gram (~6oz) / sq ft. I weighed a 1 foot square piece of DS 1/16 board and divided the weight by two.

You can make a doublesided PCB one side at a time and then glue 'em together! :idea:
Robert Reed wrote:Bob
If volter doesn't want all your boards, would it be possible to cut one into smaller pieces (say 1 foot squares and mail them out. I would be interested in a sheet - how much?

PS if its too much bother, I fully understand.
Oh, I don't know! If you're taking 12 square feet, how about US$5.00/sq ft plus shipping? That's about half of Jameco's similar house brand PCB. I'm thinking I can ship by first class airmail. It's the second lowest cost, just a bit over ground mail.

Maybe I can cut this thin stuff with pair of tin snips. That's a lot less noisy/messy than a jigsaw. Just let me know how much and exact size(s) you would like cut.
Here or PM or email.
Then I'll let you know if the size is mailable and mailing costs so you can send a postal MO.

Re: PCB, SS Copper over FG, 1/32 thick

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2009 5:03 am
by RS-Groups
i am interested in the copper clad boards- if they are still available...