Arduino 101

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Arduino 101

Post by hanavin » Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:37 pm

Hi, Newbie here, and Just getting started at the beginning, with Adrunio Classroom. Great step by step
instructions,but I still had problems.

Bought a couple of boards and downloaded software. I'm running windows 8
and it didn't recognize the board, I couldn't select a com port, since none was listed.
I think because no driver
So google ardunio and windows 8, and found a
youtube video on how to get them talking. Weird but said use comaq modem driver
Ricochet wireless usb driver. Downloaded that and now I got the computer talking to the board

2nd minor problem was when I typed the blink program in, and compiled/uploaded it nothing happened, well
the board was already blinking before I typed the program in, seems that it was loaded
from the factory that way, so I went in and changed the delay and recompiled and now I can see it
doing something/working...

Looking forward to doing some more with this board. Just thought I report a newbie findings, nothing easy
but guess that's how ya learn....


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Re: Arduino 101

Post by joepardue » Fri Jan 17, 2014 5:46 am


Sorry that it took so long to respond to this, I only get notifications for posts on the Smiley's Workshop topic. I hope you've gotten everything working as you like. Next time please start at thread either here on my topic or use the forum at


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