Build the Chirper -- Nov. 2012

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Build the Chirper -- Nov. 2012

Post by [email protected]@k » Tue Dec 11, 2012 10:57 am

Interested in the article because it is a great idea. Why did not I think of it? I just wonder why it is not standard in cars now, especially with all the aging baby boomers. I like the way the circuit draws power from the flasher only when it is flashing -- it stirs in the correct polarity no matter how the input signals are connected. Really neat how the circuit works. Neat how it was put together only using discrete components.

I bought the pcb off ebay, stuffed the board, bench tested it using a function generator. It works great. Now I just need to find the corresponding wires going to my tail signal lights. I pretty sure I can handle it, however, finding the corresponding wire will be the toughest part of this project. It also why I see this could never be a popular after market product for a car.

This Chirper idea needs to be designed into the car from the get go. With the newer cars most every thing is controlled via computer, and I imagine it only needs a small software change to implement this task. This is a feature that has no manufacturer's cost. The feature could swing the buyer from selecting one car over the other.

Again -- Great Idea!

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