S-Video cable? What's in there?

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S-Video cable? What's in there?

Post by Kookie » Thu Oct 02, 2003 3:20 pm

I have a question here about S-Video cables. I need to make a long run of S-Video cable, about 35', and I would like to make my own cable for this. Does anyone know the facts about S-Video cables? I thought it basically was two small 75ohm coaxial cables put together in one cable using four pins of a sort of Din connector at both ends. Is that correct? Now I was told that I could use Cat5 cable as well. Is that correct? If I were to use cat5, wouldn't I have a balance problem because the output is looking to transmit over 75ohm coax? Would I have more signal loss over Cat5 as well? <p>I would like to run the cable through the wall and use an S-VIDEO Snap-In Module Leviton part#40734-SV (from this site: http://www.midsouthcable.com/videotoslink.htm ) on a wall plate. I'm going from a computers S-Videos TV out in one room, to a TV with S-Video in another room. Making the connection through the wall plate would make it nice and neat, but I'm not sure what kind of cabling would be appropriate for this. Would anyone here know what would be best? Thanks.

Ron H
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Re: S-Video cable? What's in there?

Post by Ron H » Mon Oct 06, 2003 8:52 pm

S-video cable is indeed 2 small 75 ohm coaxial cables (I haven't actually cut into one - I inferred it from info off the internet). Cat.5 is 100 ohm twisted pair. To convert, you need two baluns at each end. You also need to send stereo audio down the other two pairs. You might get away with unbalanced audio (one wire of each pair is ground) if your run is short enough. Some of the wizards on this forum might have experience with the audio problem (or non-problem).
Do a Google search for "s-video balun".<p>[ October 06, 2003: Message edited by: RonH ]</p>

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Re: S-Video cable? What's in there?

Post by BobLynas » Tue Oct 07, 2003 8:28 am

I got some really long made up S-video cables from Farnell-inOne here in the UK, and really cheap too... about £5ish for 15m<p>Perhaps Newark-InOne have them too<p>BobMcN

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