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Board usage

Post by rosborne » Thu Jul 22, 2004 5:02 am

I saw a thread that has been troubling me and leads me ask some questions.<p>Where in the rules of this forum does it state that we may not ask commercially related questions? <p>I have on more than one occasion asked for guidance in this forum because I wanted to know something for my day job. The quality of the answers here is excellent in my limited judgement so I ask here first sometimes so I look like a smarter and more informed technical engineer (sometimes I can't think of the right words to use in google). Is doing so unethical since this is a hobbyist/midnight engineering forum?<p>I sincerly hope not, I feel like there are giants among us here, and I like the view when I get to stand on their shoulders, if only briefly.<p>When I was in college I joined an electrical engineering honor society called Eta Kappa Nu. I took a cheezy oath and went through a silly initiation etc., but one of tenets grabbed me. It related to the improvement of the discipline/art of electrical engineering through teaching, tutoring, and sharing knowledge about electrical and electronic engineering. At its best, this forum is one of the best examples of the principals of Eta Kappa Nu that I have seen and I am proud to take part in it.<p>If I must, I will only post questions that relate to my personal/hobbyist questions on this board even though I and my employer will be the poorer for it, but I (speaking for only myself) hope, regardless of that issue, that new people can bring their ideas into this forum and be relatively safe from scorn, derision, and distrust. <p>My 2¢, [alt 155] thanks whoever that was :)
Rick<p>P.S. All flames should be directed to me through the personal message system where I can read them without disturbing other forum users. Thank you, and I apologize for taking up your bandwidth.

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Dave Dixon
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Re: Board usage

Post by Dave Dixon » Thu Jul 22, 2004 5:36 am

Hi Rick,
The only time I read this forum is when I am
at work!! I too was a little disturbed by the direction "the thread" started going after Deal
and ng2a's input. I have all due respect for all
of the OPINIONS related on this forum, and the greatest respect for the FACTS that are offered here as well.
As far as I understand the rules. There are no moderators - Those who participate here are the
moderators - yourself included. I am not offended
by the word "shit". However, it should be assumed
that some of us may be offended, and IMHO has pushed
the boundries of the politeness I am accustomed to
seeing on this forum. It's not my place to reprimand, or make a big deal out of it. It is
my right (I feel) to mention it in a short message
to this group.
Well, as I am "on the clock", I'd better get to
work. My boss understands that I make use of this forum. I see no reason why I am crossing any lines between "commercial" use, and the hobby
that led to my gainful employment :)
Best regards,

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Re: Board usage

Post by haklesup » Thu Jul 22, 2004 3:05 pm

Only the rules of polite society apply here.<p>In my opinion, any subject or question commercial or private within the scope of the magazine's subject is fair game here. (and a bit more)<p>I also feel the posting of links that are ultimately commercial in nature is fine so long as the link was listed for the purpose of sharing information and not for selling a product.

Dean Huster
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Re: Board usage

Post by Dean Huster » Fri Jul 23, 2004 1:38 pm

Most of the electronics-related forums have distained "commercial" posts, posts that are blatent advertising for products and/or services, including "want ads" where you're trying to unload your old Tek 547A.<p>Myself, I agree with that philosophy but have no problem whatsoever when a post is asking for help in the design of a commercial product. After all, as you say, there's education involved in the post, and all of us can learn from the thread.<p>Dean
Dean Huster, Electronics Curmudgeon
Contributing Editor emeritus, "Q & A", of the former "Poptronics" magazine (formerly "Popular Electronics" and "Electronics Now" magazines).


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Re: Board usage

Post by jwax » Sat Jul 24, 2004 4:48 am

Dave, Dean, hacklesup- I couldn't agree with you guys more!
(I do wish there was an "ignore" button, too!) :)

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