VCR not recording freeview channels

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VCR not recording freeview channels

Post by crystaljohn » Mon Oct 20, 2008 1:20 am

I am unable to record any channels other than BBC1,BBC2,I.T.V & Channel 4 on my GrundigGV110 VCR. I have a modern LG flat panel lcd tv with freeview built in.
I am able to view all the freview channnels but am unable to record them.
I have followed the set up proceedure painstakingly carefully more than 20 times.
All the cables ( scart & ariel are correctly placed) .
I had previously used this VCR with a old CRT type T.V which recorded the 4 available terrestial channnels without problem.
Anyone any idears why I can't record the freeview channels?

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Post by dacflyer » Mon Oct 20, 2008 4:10 am

my grandma used to be the 16th employee ever hired with the now defunct grundig :(
but just currious,, are you using this in europe right now or the states ?
its uncommon to see anyone using a european vcr here in the states, because of the different video formats..
the states uses typically NTSC. while europe uses PAL typically.
i have a multi sync vcr, that can play any type of format tapes. but it will not recieve NTSC signals, only PAL.
i still need to find me a small old PAL tv set. to use with this vcr. i have some european videos i still like to see once in a while.

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Post by Colinr » Mon Oct 20, 2008 4:21 am

The video recorder is probally not fitted with a freeview Tuner.

The tv is fitted vith an integrated freeview tuner and it is this that is alowing you to view Freeview channels.

your only hope of recordeing freeview with this setup is if the TV has a video out connector that will alow you to record the freeview signal.
just set your video to record from the aux input.

finding a TV like this is highly unlikley as TV' generally have only input connectors. Also with this sort of setup you will only be able to record the channel you are watching.

if the above is true then you have two options

1 purchase a basic single channel set top box and feed the output from this into the VCR

2 purchase a new VCR with an integrated freeview tuner

either option will alow you to record one channel whilse watching a seperate channel.

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Post by crystaljohn » Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:39 am

Hi Colinr and dacflyer
Many thanks for the help you have given me. I was getting so frustrated and have spent so many hours patiently( and not so patiently!) attempting to set this up. I have a seperate set top box so I will pursue this option. I will let you know if i am successful.
Thanks again, much appreciated.
Regards, John

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