Motor Scooters

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Motor Scooters

Post by keymaker » Sun Apr 21, 2002 3:41 am

I wouldn't mind dealing these crazy things... Are the electric ones any good at all??<p>Me, I wouldn't think the batteries would be very reliable, I don't think you'd get very far on them, And I think they would charge slowly, And if fast-charged, Wear out fast.<p>Are these concerns warranted or just balderdash coming from my disturbed mind??

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Re: Motor Scooters

Post by ericcarson » Mon Apr 22, 2002 7:28 am

Well I have found its not the batterys you should be worried about, Many of them wont even pull hills! Not only that but if you hit a rock or pebble on the pavement you go head over heels!
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Re: Motor Scooters

Post by moe » Mon Apr 22, 2002 7:39 pm

My boys each have a electric scooter called THE SILVER BOMBER and have used them for eight weeks with no problems.This scooter can carry up to 220 lbs and said to have a top speed of 14 MPH.
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Re: Motor Scooters

Post by Gary » Sat Apr 27, 2002 6:08 pm

they have quite a few of the zappy units discounted now that ZAP is going through bankruptcy. See the message board on yahoo's stock watching service under the NASDAQ symbol ZAPPQ or ZAPP if you are interested in finding out what is happening with ZAP. Some of these scooters have a pretty lightweight motor and battery however.<p>My rule of thumb with most anything electrical, is to take the manufacturer's claim for battery life and divide by two.<p>I made a street legal 24v electric minibike several years ago and it did 24 mph for about 12 miles. It would go 30 miles or more if you ran it half speed and let the batteries recover some after being depleted. Its hard on the batteries to push them so hard however.<p>A rule of thumb for electric vehicles BTW, is that the MPH equals the voltage of the battery pack. 36 volts would be nice...

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