Digital television viewing angle... (long)

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Digital television viewing angle... (long)

Post by Externet » Mon Sep 01, 2008 10:52 am

Hello all !

While thinking on buying a digital tuner for my old analog television, a power glitch from the power company damaged it a few days ago, killing the blue. Disemboweled it and was able to find the problem; the blue filament died open in the CRT. (removed the CRT socket, fed 12V and only 2 filaments lit.
Cannot fix it and decided to go for a new one,

Well, the new LCD I got is impressive, I was not aware of the new technology could be that much better, jaw dropped to floor and highly enjoyable. Am not going back !

Now the subject of the post... I use the television very high from eye level and the "six o'clock" visual angle to the screen alters the luminosity and contrast perception. If seen from any "12 o'clock" angle it stays sharp to the extreme viewing angle. I know there is an adjustment for bias in LCDs but is is not accessible from the user's settings on-screen menu.

Would you
-know were in the circuit I can tweak such, if it's there, or
-exchange the TV with another hoping to have such factory setting for a better "6 o'clock" viewing and pray it won't be worse, or
-crack it open and try educated calibration guesses ?

Miguel :grin:
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Post by MrAl » Mon Sep 01, 2008 11:48 am

Hi there Miguel,

I dont have an answer to your question, but i can see what your
next home project will be...

A Flat Panel TV Monitor platform that rotates up and down or left
and right (or both options) under remote control. :smile:

Just wondering, do you have HD service or not? and either way,
how well does a regular picture display on the flat panel?
I was thinking of eventually getting one too but dont want to get
HD service for it so i was wondering what the standard size tv
picture looks like on a 16:9 aspect ratio flat panel.
Also, can you connect it to your computer too?
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Post by kucomp » Mon Sep 01, 2008 11:52 am

I know my answer is going to sound naive, but would tilting the TV forward work?

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Post by Externet » Mon Sep 01, 2008 12:42 pm

Hi Al :grin:

The TV is HD. I receive air signals only and are superb in HD, have the choices of receiving the same analog too, and in short words, as the image is just like the old regular analog, just opted out those (skip) in the 'selected' choices menu and kept in memory the digital channels only
It is 16:9, selectable to whatever you want; zoom too. VGA input from compfuser is there too plus many other features. I like the 'freeze', still more to learn.

I could not keep my fingers out long enough, cracked open, tweaked the 'not for plain users potentiometer' and its range did not go to the extreme hoped for, I was able to get a ~5% improvement on visual angle . Next step is go to the store, look at the demonstration unit from a "6 o'clock" point of view and check if suffers of the same in order to decide exchange.

kucomp: the tilt base does not tilt enough, Propping makes it unstable; next choice will be a wall mount that gives extra tilt. Tilting does fix it of course.

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Am almost happy; the ONLY thingy is the 6 o'clock view angle (my case)

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Post by jwax » Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:26 pm

I broke down a year ago or so, and bought a 27" LCD Olevia.
HD, is the bomb! $400 when CompUSA closed their store here.
VGA the computer!
You haven't seen Google Earth until you've seen it on a big screen!
Sounds like a custom tilt-mount is next to build/buy.
Also was strongly advised to buy the warranty for any LCD screen! Pixels die!

Dean Huster
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Post by Dean Huster » Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:47 am

I don't like the front-row seats at the theater -- makes my neck hurt.

How on earth are you getting the TV so high that the vertical viewing angle becomes an issue considering it's still on it's pedestal?

I had to mount a 60-incher onto a primitive stone fireplace for a [well-to-do] customer. Had to get three custom-made steel strap brackets made at the welding shop, each a different height and mounting footprint. What a pain! But the customer likes it. The tilt bracket was becoming an issue also, but had enough range to handle the height (it's centered about eight feet above the floor). I'd never want a screen that high for the movie theater reason. My La-Z-Boy doesn't tilt back that far.

Still, as mentioned, you may need to make (or modify) the bracket to give you plenty of tilt. The problems you'll have to deal with will be bracket range and bracket distance from the wall (too close and the bottom of the screen hits the wall and stops tilting).

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