Micro electronics, micro wiring, terminals...?

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Micro electronics, micro wiring, terminals...?

Post by chi » Tue May 06, 2003 8:02 pm

Hi all, <p>I am looking for suggestions on how to extend, crimp, or tap into a micro ribbon type connection. There is an end to it which locks the ribbon into place on the circuit board to make contact but I would need to extend it some how. <p>I would like to locate more of this ribbon wire and possibly a connector similar to the one on the board.<p>Any sugesstions? Please advise.
Mig Chi

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Re: Micro electronics, micro wiring, terminals...?

Post by haklesup » Tue May 06, 2003 10:15 pm

How many conductors and what is the lead pitch (how far apart are the pins) on this "Flex Cable"?<p>You can find these cables in lots of computer equipment like printers and CD drives but if the number of conductors and lead pitch don't match up then it would be difficult to mate them. YOu can find connectors in the same equipment. Samtec also makes these connectors and is very generous with samples once you register with their website.<p>If the end is intact, the leads should either be solder tinned or some kind of copper alloy to which you should be able to solder if you use lots of flux. If the end is not intact, you should be able to whittle away the top or bottom polyimide (plastic) layer and expose the conductors. <p>If you cannot find a flex cable to mate to, you should be able to make one using wire wrap wire and clear packing tape. It may not be as flexible as a real one but you didn't specify your application. They also have fine pitch (25mil) ribbon cable (also Samtec) you could try.<p>Chris

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