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Post by colinstone » Tue Apr 19, 2005 5:32 pm

Hi,<p>Looking to Schottky diodes, I think, for split charging system on a barge. Main engine alt output is 24V 50A, and I then plan to use a advanced alternator controller which will tweak the alt to make it effective a 4 stage battery charger. Forward voltage is not really an issue as the controller senses battery voltage, but I guess low voltage drop would still be beneficial to reduce strain on alternator. 60A diodes would probably do. <p>Perhaps a diodes like this:<p> ... 7449&N=401<p>
The next problem is that the engine battery is a sealed unit, so cannot tolerate the higher voltage that the lead acid battery will take -
actually 12 x 2v 920Ah C10 cells weighing a total of just under 600kg empty - will take a further 120kg of acid to fill them. <p>
So also looking for a single pole voltage sensitive relay that will switch off the feed to the engine battery at the appropriate voltage -
approx 28v I think, letting the domestic battery to rise to 31v when
equalising. <p>

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Post by MrAl » Wed Apr 20, 2005 12:45 pm

Hello,<p>So you're saying all you need is a circuit
to shut off when the voltage gets above
a certain level?<p>Take care,
LEDs vs Bulbs, LEDs are winning.

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