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Robert Reed
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Post by Robert Reed » Mon Nov 19, 2007 5:30 pm

I started doing bussiness on E-Bay 4 years ago. I am an occasional buyer and seller of electronic equiment mostly. For quick transactions, I reluctantatly signed on to Pay Pal with a lot of reservstion.Since that time I have found both organizations to be very well run and almost fool proof. In that time I have had 30 transactions and have a 100% feedback rating. I have had a great experience with them, except on three occasions - first one was a winning bid for $50 and never delivered. Tried to contact seller by phone and E-Mail for two weeks and no replys, so I notified Pay Pal and with in 2 days had my money recredited to my account. Second was a sale for $450 and still no payment or communications in 10 days. Contacted E-Bay about the situation and they sent buyer a threatening letter. 2 days later the sale money was paid to Pay Pal. Third was a sale for $350 and it took over a month to receive payment. Nothing but lies,excuses and made up storys from buyer, but eventually I got paid. That was the worst E-Bay experience I had and if it would have been my first one, I probably would have dropped out of E-Bay forever.
As my experience improved in time, I went back and checked feed back ratings of buyers. All pleasant and quick sales had ratings of 98 to 100%. Buyer #2 as mentioned above had an 87% and buyer # 3 had a 65% rating. Based on these sales, I will never again sell to a buyer with a rating of 95% or less. I have heard some real horror stories about PayPal and E-Bay in the past, but never got full details on them and I realize that sh*t can happen in any walk of life. But as to date I am a very happy user of both services. Where else can you reach the whole planet with just a few key strokes.

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Post by MrAl » Tue Nov 20, 2007 8:15 pm

Hi again,

You guys sound like you are talking more about Ebay and less
about Paypal now?
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Post by Droidwerkz » Sun Jan 13, 2008 5:10 pm

i have had really good experiences with pay pal , including one in which i found 500$ in my pay pal account that i didn't even know i had! talk about a great service!!!! (or my own forgetfullness!) still, paypal is a great convenience!

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