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10 mhz, 5volt Squarewave oscillator

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 4:53 pm
by zap101
Hey all,
I am looking for a schematic for a square wave oscillator capable of producing 10mhz, 5volt SQUARE waves...any ideas???

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 5:14 pm
by jwax
Do you want the schematic, or the easiest way to get there?
Oops! Try: ... Cat=852334

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 5:41 pm
by MrAl
Hi again,

Jwax, i found this at Digikey: ... -9167-5-ND

If that link doesnt work for some reason, the part number is the
number at the end after 'name=' so he can look that up i guess.
Not a bad price either, at $1.30 each.

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 9:40 pm
by Robert Reed
What accurracy and stability do you require? What type mounting do you require? Try Mouser Cat.Pg. 769. These are half dip size and just plug and play. I have used these in the past and they perform nicely. Cheap too!

$1.30 Beats building one for 5.00 to 10.00

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 6:31 am
by zap101
Thanks Jwax...
I was going to build one (looking for a schem), but for $1.30 why bother...


Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:55 pm
by Dean Huster
As alluded to, the only reason to build one from scratch is if you need better than XO accuracy. And TCXO accuracy isn't that much better than a non-temp compensated XO. For decent accuracy, you have to ovenize at least the crystal and for better accuracy yet you ovenize the crystal and the oscillator circuit and better yet, use a crystal cut for high-stability oscillators and better yet, put the XO's power supply circuit within the oven and ultimately, make sure the oven is proportionately-controlled and not on a BANG-BANG thermostat.

After that, you have to go the rubidium, cesium or GPS route for a stable signal.