can a PICAXE-08 be used as a oscillator

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Craig Kendrick Sellen
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can a PICAXE-08 be used as a oscillator

Post by Craig Kendrick Sellen » Thu Jan 25, 2007 1:18 am

open to all;
can a PICAXE-08 be used as a oscillator? nodout it probly puts out square waves but i want sign waves so probly a LC or a RC network probly has to be on the output. I want it to give sign waves, so a high-pass filter probly has to be added. I want it to put out ether 400Hz or 1KHz, or both?
can this be done? :smile: :grin:

Michael J
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Post by Michael J » Thu Jan 25, 2007 4:51 pm

A complete set of â„¢Picaxe Code, examples and uses can be found in
a PDF document called "picaxe_manual2.pdf " it can be downloaded
from the Rev-Ed website < >, try page: 57.

"PWM" can be used on the 08 and 08M chips (I/O Pin-2 / Leg-5).

Your application is fairly slow, you could try making any OP pin
High - pause then Low - pause to get the desired frequency you need.
(You will need the Res/Cap network for a Sine wave output)

"PWMOUT" can be used on the 08M (I/O Pin-2 / Leg-5), see the data
sheet for the larger â„¢Picaxe family chips, e.g. 18X, 28X, 40X.
PWMOUT frequencies start at 4,000Hz to 2,000,000Hz, a neat PWMOUT calculator has been designed and can be found here-
< >

A simple 08M Test Tone Oscillator of mine using the above calculator
can be found here -
< ... llator.htm >
User can select one of 7 tones using a single button.

Some other files here -
< ... s/display/ >

Good luck -

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