Am I infected or something?

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Am I infected or something?

Post by EEPROM777I » Tue Nov 28, 2006 10:08 pm

I noticed today that whenever my cursor is over selectable or editable text I get the normal capitol "I" shape but it also has a picture of what looks to be a worm in the middle and a "C" in front of it. I see no extra programs or services running in the task manager, nothing odd in the startup folder, nothing new in msconfig, etc... . I'm puzzled. I haven't been to any sites that I don't normally goto. I haven't downloaded anything or opened suspicious emails. And yes I checked my cursor settings to make sure it wasn't switched of the norm and no it isn't. It still shows the I as the text cursor but that isn't all that's showing up. please help. Also it's not just in one program or with certain programs open. It does it with everything closed and off with only essential services running.

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Chris Smith
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Post by Chris Smith » Wed Nov 29, 2006 10:51 am

Worms, virus, hoaxes, jokes, etc all can come from the web while opening attachments in your email is not the “soup de jourâ€

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Post by haklesup » Wed Nov 29, 2006 2:46 pm

Well, have you run a virus scanner and spyware cleaner (you can get a free scanner, it just might not clean for you). How about going to a mcafee or norton website and searching for viruses that fit your description.

You can do a system restore to a day before this started happening. it should go away and stay away unless you do whatever you did again.

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