Electronic Shopping in San Francisco

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Electronic Shopping in San Francisco

Post by Newz2000 » Mon Oct 30, 2006 10:36 am

My job with Ubuntu requires me to travel occasionally. Since Des Moines IA is not exactly the epicenter of electronics parts selection, I like to stop and pick up small parts while in the bigger cities - things for which the shipping makes it not worth the effort. (for example, I bought usb connectors at Maplin for about $1)

I have a few hours on Sunday afternoon, Nov 12th, and/or maybe a little time during one of the evenings that week. Was wondering if anyone knows a good location not far from BART for this type of stuff. Somewhere I can burn $10 - $15 on stuff that will be useful and won't get me barred from the airplane on my return visit (no C4 for example).

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Post by haklesup » Mon Oct 30, 2006 12:21 pm

That's a little tough. While there are a few good places in San Jose/Santa Clara, not many are all that close to BART. I don't know of any in San Francisco itself. The city itself is sort of an A-Technical oasis in the greater bay area and BART dosen't really go all that far.

You might instead look at taking CalTrans directly into downtown San Jose but you still would not be in walking distance to any cheap electronics warehouses. A combination of busses and light rail gets you most places though but not fast.

It's not like it was years ago anyway. I think one of the best junk type shops still here is HSC (AKA Halted) http://www.halted.com/ They still stock stuff in "piles of junk".

Alltronics used to be convenient until they moved to Gilroy (another hour south). It used to be 3 blocks from work but now I never go.

http://www.weirdstuff.com/ is another but I never go there. Its more obsolete equipment than components anyway. But if you need some cheap cards or drives for your older PC, go for it.

Not sure who is open Sunday anyway

Fry's electronics is a fun stop but its Retail, not surplus.

Enjoy your trip. If you're staying in the east bay. Go to the city (SF) and forget the electronics shopping trip unless you havre a rental car, you'll see more worth remembering.

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Post by Externet » Mon Oct 30, 2006 7:07 pm

Too late. The greatest and world's largest surplus junkie place in San Leandro closed a few months ago :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: , was close to Bart too...
Mike Quinn electronics is not any more. I wonder who got its stock...

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