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Post by Larry Lemieux » Mon Jul 31, 2006 3:47 pm

What are we doing about the SPAM?
The SPAM issue is one that we are obviously aware of. At the moment, all we can do is delete the posts (and users) as they pop up. I myself have spent hours and entire evenings deleting users that are obviously spammers lurking in the wings. The process is not quick if there are many. Many times a user such as tatysskka5656, if banned or deleted will reappear as tatysskka5657, or some other variation of the same name. Most of the obvious spammers never actually post anything, so we’ve taken to reacting to the posts rather then the user registrations. We do try and delete them immediately, but even if we spend every waking hour monitoring it… we have to sleep sometime.

Why did we change the forum in the first place?
We have been working for some time now on building a completely new website for Nuts & Volts. The new site is centered around a searchable database of all content from past magazine issues as well as from this forum and other sources. Migrating this forum over to the new software was necessary as the old forum was not compatible with the new site. We did our best to ensure that past material from this forum was not lost and have tried to be responsive to problems and issues that occurred due to the change. As most of you know, we have been watching and popping in now and again to comment and let you know we weren’t asleep at the wheel.
There are some fixes that have been reported to be included in the next upgrade of the BB software, such as spam filters and picture upload capability. Because we’ve been working on bringing the new web site online, we have chosen to deal with these two issues by waiting until the next BB software release. If they have not been resolved to our (and your) satisfaction, we’ll create our own fix at that point. If the new upgrade hasn’t been released by the time the new website is done, we’ll most likely take matters into our own hands then.

Until then, we'll continue to delete and you continue to let us know if we missed anything.

And Chris... give em hell.

Larry Lemieux

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